What is Kratom?

Kratom, known by the scientific name of mitragyna speciosa is a rather big size tree that grows in the south east Asian countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Indonesia. In those countries, the kratom leaf been used for many different purposes for centuries now. It’s long known in those cultures that the kratom leaf has many beneficial medicinal qualities and they have not shied away from incorporating them in their daily use.


If you travel to Thailand you will often find people who indulge in strenuous work, chewing a kratom leaf throughout their day. They say that kratom leaves give them a huge extra boos of physical and mental energy. If you think that’s just superstitious talk then think again because research has proven, what they have said to be true.


According to research conducted by scientists, they have found more than twenty five alkaloids in the kratom leaf. In a jiffy, it’s a well known fact that alkaloids are very good for the human immune system as a result a consumption of something like kratom, which contains alkaloids in abundance will surely result in a massive boost to the immune system. That’s the reason why people from south east Asian countries who chew the kratom leaf experience such great physical and mental benefits.


Since it’s introduction to the western world, extensive tests and scientific experiments have been performed on kratom and it has further lead of the discovery of a lot of other benefit that this South East Asian herb provides. For example, one of the first things they discovered about kratom was that it helps greatly in helping people who have the chronic problem of high blood pressure. When given in moderate doses, Kratom rapidly lowers the blood pressure of the patient.


Similar experiments have been conducted in the medicinal branch of clinical psychology and as a result they have discovered that kratom is amazing at helping patients cope with depression and anxiety. This effect can partly be attributed to the fact that when kratom is taken in small doses, it produces a very pleasant border line euphoric effect in the mind. That’s why it’s also known as a mood enhancer. It should be remembered that if taken regularly in large doses for a long period of time, Kratom can have some harmful effects but if moderation is maintained then there are many benefits to be reaped.


Now that you know the amazing benefits of Kratom How do you get a hold of it?


Nobody is stopping you from travelling to the far east and grab a bunch of kratom leaves, however it’d be much easier and cheaper if you could just order it online. Yes that’s right, there are a few great websites online that are involving in selling pure kratom extracts at very economical prices. [Website link] is one of them and they specialize in selling kratom in a powdered form.


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Kratom tea is used to help many conditions. This incredible tea has been used for thousands of years in South East Asia. Kratom tea comes from mature trees that grow up to 40 meters tall. It does not come from small plants or herb against popular belief because many kratom shops enable you to buy kratom plants which in time will grow into large trees in their native environments. Kratom with high alkaloid content does not come from young immature plants however when you buy kratom it is often falsely advertised that way.

Thai Kratom is a popular strain but the majority of Thai kratom on the market today is farmed in Indonesia and Malaysia therefore not authentic Thai. Indo and Malaysian kratom is the only true wild-crafted kratom as this is where the mature high alkaloid trees grow that can be harvested legally. This does not mean you can’t get kratom from Thailand but the severe penalties for trafficking banned substances is enough to put most people off.

It has been traditionally used for many and varied purposes however it was the farm laborers that made kratom tea from the abundant and naturally growing resource they had. Drinking kratom tea can give an incredible energy boost to help you to do long days work. Aside from giving abundance of energy, kratom tea can also provide protection from the blistering sun. You can avoid direct sunlight from your skin which cause by having sun burn because kratom tea was found naturally increase melanin in the skin pigment.

Kratom tea has been used for many different purposes including depression and anxiety as well opiate withdrawal which has been well documented by kratom users. It has also been noted that the kratom tea has become very popular as an all-natural pain reliever helping people to overcome severe pain without using highly addictive synthetic prescription drugs. Kratom tea is really a miracle from the jungles of South East Asia and is quickly gaining more and popularity each day of the benefits it beholds.