Best Kratom Experiences

While Kratom has always been popular in Asian cultures, the leaves are beginning to become increasingly popular in other countries, as well. The Kratom leaves are known to produce pain killing effects, as well as feelings similar to opiates without the concern of dependency.

Users all across the world have taken to message boards and forums to report the Kratom experiences they have had. They are sharing their experiences to help beginners determine if the Kratom is right for them, as well as what their best experiences have been.

The effects and experiences of the Kratom are sometimes dependent on numerous factors. The individual user’s body type and other personal characteristics may cause them to experience something different from another user. This is also true for the amount that is ingested, the way it is ingested, and the strain used. You can find numerous options at


Best Kratom Experience based by Country

More often than not Thailand is mentioned as producing Kratom with that offers the best experiences. This isn’t surprising as Thailand was one of the original homelands that were naturally growing the Kratom tree. The climate in Thailand is generally balmy and contains rich soil. This creates the perfect environment for the Kratom to mature.

Users often boast that the Thailand Kratom such as the type found at produce effects that are consistent, smooth, and relaxing. They have also stated that the Thai Kratom producing experiences that contain little to no side effects. While Thailand is a reliable growing country, they may not be able to produce the popular new strains that are being seen. However, you are ensured Kratom experiences that are consistently pleasurable each time.


Best Kratom Experience based on Strain

Each different Kratom strain found at will produce a different experience for every user. Which one the average user prefers is really up to their personal preferences and which has produced the best experiences. However, the stain that appears to be the most popular and provide users with the best Kratom experiences are the Maeng Da strain. This strain is often referred to a ‘pimp grade’ strain based on the user’s experience. This is boasted as being the strongest strain currently available. The effects have been numerously reported as being very strong with the effects presenting often immediately at the maximum intensity possible. Users prefer the Maeng Da strain for its high potency. It is the highest recommended product in the Kratom community.


Best Kratom Experience based on Consumption

Most users agree that the best way to consume Kratom is by ingesting the drug orally. This is the best way for it to get into your system and reach the body’s cells. This has caused an increase in Kratom based recipes. Users are always trying to find the most enjoyable way to consume it. Most users have agreed that their best experiences come from mixing the Kratom powder found at with orange juice. A teaspoon of Kratom powder in half a glass of OJ helps to remove bitterness and make it sweeter.