Kratom Dosage

Are you fed up with taking chemicals into your body under the guise of western medicine? Are you interested in joining the natural movement by finding those products that are all natural and more homeopathic in nature? One of the more popular items that is making the rounds in these types of circles is kratom. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, it is widely becoming a popular alternative in order to replace the normal medicine and prescriptions that you may be used to. And taking too much? Not a problem since depending on the kratom dosage you can get different effects from this plant that has been helping those in Southeast Asia for hundreds, even thousands of years.



Kratom dosage generally falls into two different categories: the stimulant effect and the sedative effect.


When taken in small doses it generally acts as a stimulant. It is similar to caffeine from tea, or any other stimulant, in that you will be more aware, more awake, and more able to finish tasks at hand. One generally becomes friendlier, more talkative and more outgoing in general. It can become a very nice addition to anyone’s everyday diet in order add these wonderful benefits.

The sedative effect is achieved when it is taken in much higher doses. Whether you decide to chew on the actual leaves or drink it as a tea, when you take a significant amount of it you will begin to feel much more relaxed and subdued. Nothing will be better than simply lying on your back, dimming the lights, sipping on your kratom tea and just relaxing.


You will feel carefree and relaxed as you let your mind wander off to wherever it wants. While the kratom dosage can make the individuals experience fairly varied, it also depends on how you ingest kratom. There are two main ways to ingest kratom that are popular in different parts of the world. The first is simply chewing on the leaves of the tree. The leaves are similar to those of an evergreen and the tree is in the same family as a coffee tree. This way makes the kratom much more potent and you won’t need near as much to get the effect that you are looking for. 


This is a popular method in Southeast Asia as that is what they have done for hundreds of years. Another option that is more suited for other cultures is creating a tea out of the leaves. This dumbs down the effects of the leaves but also makes it more palatable in order to achieve the desired effects. You simply dry the leaves and create a tea bag, similar to any other tea. You can even add tea and other herbs in order to create the flavor that you prefer. While both ways are simple, you will need more tea in order to reach the sedative effect so you may want to chew the leaves directly in order to reach that level.


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It’s hard to believe that any nations at all have moved to ban Mitragyna Speciosa, more widely known as kratom. The leaves of this naturally-growing tree from Southeast Asia have been safely enjoyed by mankind as an energy booster and mood brightener for thousands of years.


There are at least 195 countries in the world, and of those, only 4 are confirmed to have made kratom illegal at this time. Those countries are Australia, Burma, Malaysia, and Thailand. That’s a very small percentage and in each case there are political forces that motivated these decisions as opposed to real-world health concerns. So for now, it is fair to say that kratom is legal in the vast majority of the world.


A note for travelers: If you are traveling through any of the above-named countries, use common sense if and when you want to use kratom products. Do the research and make certain you know the current local laws and do not violate them.


There are some states currently considered “hot spots” in the battle to keep trade safe. If you live in one of these states, be proactive and investigate the current kratom legal status 2014 before you make your next purchase.

  • Arizona
  • Vermont
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Iowa

One of the beauties of the American political system is that it encourages participation from all of its citizens. To this end, feel free to write an email to your local congressperson expressing support for the continued legality of kratom in the United States. The other main way that citizens make their wishes known in America is with their wallets. The economic health of the business absolutely sends signals to lawmakers about the social acceptability of kratom in society. So, even if you don’t feel like being an activist, simply using kratom does contribute to continued legality in this way.


In 2014, you can still buy kratom legally and safely online. Several reputable online sellers like Arena Ethnobotanicals, offer high-quality, authentic Kratom powders and extracts to the public. As long as you don’t live in an area where it has been banned or controlled, you are free to use and enjoy the benefits today. You don’t need a prescription to get it, and you don’t have to hide your purchase or break any laws whatsoever to acquire it. Check for updates here throughout the year, and if you have any confusion about the kratom legal status in your area, be sure to consult your state government pages for the latest news. For now, you may continue to enjoy one of the world’s most popular herbal medicinal remedies as you see fit.